We are all in this together…apparently

So it’s that time of year again, conference season has slapped us in the face.  But if it’s not enough that we have to sit through the party’s faithful grinning and clapping obediently to the pauses in their respective leaders and senior members’ speeches, we also have to pick apart the substance from the rhetoric and […]

Emotional Abuse – A Stonger System to Tackle the Problem?

Emotional abuse during a child’s stages of development can leave them socially stunted and unable to get on with the world around them in teenage and adult life. It is perfectly reasonable and responsible of any government to introduce laws to improve existing powers to protect children from emotional abuse. I, like many others, am […]

In 2022, football should stay at home

When politicians make ill-judged “I love Britain because…” speeches, “stringent health and safety regulation” rarely makes the final cut. But a glance at Qatar’s preparations for the 2022 World Cup demonstrates what happens in their absence. Whilst not a single person died in construction of facilities for the 2012 London Olympic Games, there has been […]

Football versus Homophobia: Taking Penalties

Thomas Hitzlsperger was a highly capable German international footballer. There is probably nothing he could have done, however, short of committing some heinous crime, that would have attracted even approximately similar media attention as his recent revelation he was homosexual. There are, of course a number of reasons for this but at the most basic […]

There’s Still No Such Thing as a Free Education

2015 will be a landmark year in UK politics as the country goes to the polls again in what will in one way or another be one of the more interesting elections of recent times. The year also has a grander global significance in nothing less than measuring our progress as a species.  In the […]

Somalia: The World’s Third Longest Conflict

Somalia’s reputation has preceded it for decades due its history of instability, famine and civil unrest. Most recently it has returned to the international headlines for housing Al-Shabaab, the group that has claimed responsibility for the Westgate attack in Kenya. Before any opinions should be formed on Somalias future however, it is important to examine […]

Bringing hope to future employment

Dreams of a future generation are being scrapped as more than 1 million young people are still out of work, education and training. According to the Local Government Association, 50,000 fewer jobless young people are getting help from job schemes today than was the case three years ago. Resources are being used inefficiently, and the […]