Nepal’s Earthquake: Learning the Lessons from the Past

Saturday saw the biggest earthquake in Nepal’s 80-year history. In less than a day, the death toll has more than doubled, now expected to be in the region of 2,500 (and rising). The 7.8 magnitude quake affected 5 countries from India to China and also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Experts […]

Neo Liberalism: Your Doctor Was Trained In An Audi Approved Hospital, Your Children Attend Ronald McDonald High, The Police Station Doubles-Up As A Tesco’s. Micky Mouse Is Beelzebub. Welcome to McHell.

Neo-Liberalism. This is a philosophy. It is used to help governments come to decision about how to rule over their nation. Neo-Liberalism is used to come to a decision on tough issues such as how to manage the NHS, how justice should be delivered, and how much your job should pay you. The Neo-Liberal philosophy […]

We are all in this together…apparently

So it’s that time of year again, conference season has slapped us in the face.  But if it’s not enough that we have to sit through the party’s faithful grinning and clapping obediently to the pauses in their respective leaders and senior members’ speeches, we also have to pick apart the substance from the rhetoric and […]

Britain, China and Li Keqiang

Despite the low prominence given to the Chinese Premier in the British press last week, you may have noticed that he – Li Keqiang – made a three day visit to the UK which secured over £14bn of trade deals and showed that Sino-British relations are back to normal after David Cameron’s controversial meeting with […]

How You Doing?

We have an economic recovery – of sorts. But can you feel it? Are you better off now than you were in 2010? As Bill Clinton famously said when running against President Bush (Snr) in 1992, ‘How you doing?’ Economic growth of 0.8% in the first quarter of 2014 is of course welcome, but whilst […]

Some thoughts on apprenticeships

Every party claims to be the party of apprentices and the party who champions apprenticeships. But we haven’t seen the revolution in apprentices we need. We are in a situation where we look to other countries in awe and look to the past and reminisce. The future has to look brighter than the past. Apprenticeships […]

Consumer Socialism – Use Your Economic Vote

Lets break it down, consumers are people, business and the collective purchasing of the state locally or nationally. Socialism, a word often used as a broad but vague expression of ‘for the masses’, or ‘via the state’ or ‘fairness & redistribution’. Consumer socialism therefore is using the collective voice of consumers. The system needs to be […]

Is British government aiding multi-nationals’ carve up Africa?

The UK government has recently allocated £600 million of aid money to support The New Alliance for food security and nutrition, a scheme prompted by the G8 in 2012. The basis of the “Alliance” is the Obama’s administration vision of biotechnology as the only response capable to fight hunger in Africa. After the G8 failed […]

Mind the Gap: Women still face gender pay penalties in the job market

Official figures published by the government earlier this week offered a seemingly rare bit of good news: the pay gap between women and men under 40 working full-time has all but disappeared. Data published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport showed younger women in full-time work earned roughly the same amount as their […]