Stop saying sorry, Nick… or you will be

When a new government takes a gamble on a controversial decision it expects to be unpopular with the public, it’s common custom to act on it as early on in a Parliament as they can. That way, they maximise their chances of portions of the public forgetting, if not forgiving, by the time the next […]

UKIP surge, but the hard work has only just begun…

There’s only one conclusion we can draw from the three by-elections that took place last week: we’re on the cusp of a political storm. The old two-party stem is crumbling, the coalition is destined to fail, and frustration with Britain’s membership of the European Union is finally boiling over. Most importantly, UKIP’s latest remarkable surge […]

Tackling China’s Achilles Heel

China’s rapid rise to the status of global superpower over the last three decades has come as no surprise to anybody, with most experts predicting its wealth will exceed that of any G7 nation by as early as 2030 – and when the strong spine of its economy is considered, it’s not difficult to see […]

The Fall of the Anti-Drug Consensus

For almost a century, the Western World has maintained a coherent policy of universal prohibition when it comes to recreational drugs. The dominant political parties in almost every nation across Europe and North America have supported the ban, and very few have even entertained the idea of considering an alternative policy – let alone trying […]