Social Media Campaigns in the Age of Hipsterdom: A Few Thoughts

Brought to you by the 2013 Word of the Year, here comes its distant cousin: the nomakeupselfie. Wait … Sorry, just to be clear on the terminology: it’s the #nomakeupselfie. Female members of the social media community heroically spread awareness for cancer research by posting a picture of themselves on their Facebook page. So far, […]

Flight 370 and the Globalised World: The Return of Mystery

Arguably, the whereabouts of Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is the biggest mystery of our lifetime. It is such a gigantic story that CNN has essentially hijacked its entire channel to report about the plane at a 24/7 pace. This is all the more incredible at a time when some people are talking […]

Victoria Nuland and the news behind a non-story

Two weeks ago, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland made headlines when she disparaged the EU and its efforts as an arbiter in Ukraine. In what she thought was a confidential phone conversation with the US Ambassador to Ukraine, she suggested that the US go ahead with their plans without liaising with the EU […]

Why We Need UN Security Council Reform

Last September, the US and Russia announced a significant foreign policy arrangement. Against the backdrop of the ongoing crisis in Syria, two of the most important external actors – the USA and Russia – finally came to an agreement on how to address a major aspect of the conflict. While it does not solve the […]