Its painful to say, but MPs deserve a pay rise

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has made proposals for an 11% pay rise in MPs salaries rising from £66,000 to £74,000 a year. The general public, who have seen little in the way of pay increases and have listened to politicians’ calls for the need for pay restraint in the public sector, are understandably outraged […]

What future for UK-China relations?

In December, David Cameron is to embark on a new trade mission to China. Following George Osborne’s recent attempt to woo Chinese business its clear the government sees China as an important partner in fostering economic development. But what is the future for this relationship? China has seen unprecedented economic growth over the past decades, […]

Could PR be the solution to political apathy?

Russell Brand has once again caused controversy when as guest editor of The New Statesman he called on people not to bother voting. He argues that voting won’t bring about change. He goes on to say that the current system doesn’t work for most people and voting only gives endorsement to that system. Whether you […]

Benefit spending: the unmentioned facts

The government has often talked about the large amounts they spend on benefits. They claim that in these times of austerity and deficit reduction there is less money available for welfare, driven by the need to reduce spending. There have been many government measures to achieve this, such as the so-called ‘bedroom tax’, and at […]

China – The generation gap

Whilst every society has a generational gap there are few places where this is more pronounced today than in China. Young people in China today are growing up in a society completely different from their parents. The older generation grew up in the days of communism, Mao and little red books but now the era […]