Neo-Liberalism Part II: Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

Why doesn’t the world change? Generally, the public does not support Neo Liberalism. More accurately, the general public is not interested in mainstream politics because it’s so boring! Why is that? It’s simple. All the main parties are the same. I’m not exaggerating. Even the Labour party leader, (now ex-leader), Ed Miliband explicitly said that […]

Talking to Strangers: Thoughts on Voting

You know when you’re waiting for a bus or in-line at a Starbucks? And you see that familiar face you see every time you’re there? Have you ever wanted to talk to them but you were too shy or thought you may look like a lunatic for doing so? Well don’t worry, that’s why I’m […]

Neo Liberalism: Your Doctor Was Trained In An Audi Approved Hospital, Your Children Attend Ronald McDonald High, The Police Station Doubles-Up As A Tesco’s. Micky Mouse Is Beelzebub. Welcome to McHell.

Neo-Liberalism. This is a philosophy. It is used to help governments come to decision about how to rule over their nation. Neo-Liberalism is used to come to a decision on tough issues such as how to manage the NHS, how justice should be delivered, and how much your job should pay you. The Neo-Liberal philosophy […]

200 Years of You

What if I told you that you are living the same life as your parents, grandparents and your grandparents’ parents? Year on year, for the past 200 years, the economic foundations of western society have stayed the same. As a result, the way that society shapes people and the relationships that emerge from that society has […]