The moment has arrived to confront Vladimir Putin

The world stands united in anger and disgust at the shooting down of MH17 on Thursday. Beyond the initial shock and upset of the crash, the heinous reality of this attack is beginning to truly hit home, as images of bodies strewn across the Ukrainian town of Grabovo were beamed across the news outlets for […]

What can the West do about the Middle East?

In the past weeks, the attention of the world has been firmly placed onto the undoubtedly concerning developments within Iraq, as ISIS continue their march towards Baghdad. The reality is that the underlying issue lies far deeper than Iraq, as the original Islamic State of Iraq began taking on fighters from Syria, who were fighting […]

The Conservative Party: Can they win in 2015?

We are now a year away from the general election and some commentators are already hinting towards the inevitability of consecutive hung parliaments. In the remaining months leading up to the election, David Cameron and the Conservatives have some extremely difficult obstacles to overcome, perhaps most potently in the shape of Mr Farage and U.K.I.P. […]