The beginning of the end

We are witnessing history in British politics, not just history but important history. This is the beginning of the end of a three party system which has effectively served us since the second world war.  Their share of the vote has descended from the high nineties to scraping around the sixty percent benchmark with both […]

Ukip aren’t Nazis and saying so isn’t helpful

This is something which has been bugging me for a while now, people comparing Ukip to the Nazis and the BNP.  I initially thought this was something which was relatively light hearted and not meant to be taken seriously. However I have been increasingly finding this to be taken as a genuine argument by some […]

Iran: Legitimising an awful tyranny is not the way to go

itMany people including the former secretary Jack Straw are calling for a rapprochement of relations with Iran. However this would be a move which would further weaken western credibility when we talk about human rights and when we try and initiate humanitarian interventions to end demonstrably evil regimes.  The last thing we need is to […]

Palestine is not ready for a state

I, like most people, believe that Palestine needs a state of its own. However where I differ to some is that I admit there are problems with the Palestinian resistance which is actively stopping the Palestinian state from existing. While Hamas play a role in the Palestinian fight for freedom it is clear that the […]

Salma Yaqoob is wrong, the trojan horse schools were a disgrace

The Department of Education released a report which was headed up by Peter Clarke into the Trojan Horse schools which were in Birmingham and reportedly part of a plot of an islamist takeover. Salma Yaqoob who is a passionate advocate of the schools involved was seemingly very happy today at the report. She argued in her […]

Ed Miliband is sinking without a paddle

Ed Miliband’s leadership of the Labour party following their second worst defeat in living memory has been poor to say the least. It is true that he has improved upon Gordon Brown’s leadership, but Brown’s leadership was so anaemic that any politician – even Diane Abbott could have improved the fortunes of the party.  The […]

Mental health and the new generation

In this modern day society of ours we are all told we drink too much, have too much sex and in general party too much. While this is true of some, I feel there is a major perception problem among the British people for the wellbeing of its younger citizens. A recent report has found […]

The left needs to learn

The title of this article may seem almost obligatory given the mistakes the left has made in this country in the past twenty five years. Indeed even a teenager who has read a copy of The Sun could trot out this cliche that ‘the left needs to learn’. However, with the country swinging towards the […]

Afghanistan the unheard of success story

In a recent poll 60% of Britons were found to have thought the invasion of Afghanistan was a waste of time and having not achieved much. While Iraq has dominated the headlines, it is Afghanistan where the first war after 9/11 was fought when the then unelected, tyrannical so-called Taliban government were quickly removed from […]