The Growth of Food Banks in Breadline Britain

The Government’s austerity measures are hitting the country hard. According to Trussell Trust, Britain’s leading food bank network, almost everyday sees emergency food parcels being given to parents who are going without meals to provide decent staple food for their children. In 2008, the Trust supplied food parcels to 28,000 people. Last year, the numbers […]

Is the binge drinking culture getting out of hand ?

If your drinking copious units of alcohol in a short space of time, perhaps with the sole intention of lowering your inhibitions and getting classically ”drunk”, then you are binge drinking and it is more than likely that over time this could lead to an addiction. An addiction that increases the risk of heart attack, […]

Alcohol packaging and the British consumer

The UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH) has stated that it is recommended for bottles of beer, wine and spirits to carry graphic health labels in the style of cigarette packages to ensure that drinkers are aware of the many risks that excessive alcohol consumption possesses, such as giving rise to cancer, infertility and violence.

Child Poverty should be eradicated by 2020

The former Labour health secretary, Alan Milburn, has recently criticised the government’s plans to eradicate poverty by 2020, stating that £19 bn would have to be spent to achieve the goal by 2027. According to Milburn, there is a good possibility of missing the target because the biggest redistribution of income in history will be […]