Daley tweeter shows sad state of our society

This week, Olympian Tom Daley disappointed the nation as he and his partner narrowly missed out on a medal position, finishing 4th in their synchronised final. However, more noticeably, a 17-year-old Twitter user was arrested for sending ‘abusive messages’ to the young diver. While these tweets were indeed slightly offensive and definitely uncalled for, this […]

Why the Olympics will be fantastic for the United Kingdom

The London 2012 Olympics are finally here (women’s football began yesterday), with the opening ceremony to take place tomorrow evening after seven long years of planning for LOCOG and the various other stakeholders involved. The excitement is growing within the UK amongst us Britons – a few months ago there were far louder cries of […]

The Reshuffle: Coming Soon

It is now all but confirmed that David Cameron will be shaking up his cabinet at some point between the end of the Olympics and the beginning of the party conference season. This will be his first major reshuffle since coming to power in 2010, and he has many challenges facing him – who will […]

Can Salmond salvage anything from a doomed referendum?

Last week, the First Minister of Scotland – Alex Salmond – spoke at an event hosted by the Queen in the Scottish capital, spouting his admiration for the monarchy. It is no secret of course, that Salmond wishes to keep the constitutional monarchy in any vision of an independent Scotland, and has made that clear […]