Rape: Whose Rights come First?

I read somewhere once that mens’ worst nightmare is being accused of rape – of being laughed at – whilst the worst nightmare of women is being subjected to actual rape and violence. Now I don’t remember where I saw this exactly (a brief web search came up with the following article which I would […]

A Lesson from the School of TV Adverts

Television advertisements are very educational. This statement may be somewhat contrary to general opinion on the matter, which tends to think that TV adverts are annoying, mindless drivel, but I stand my ground nonetheless – for television adverts offer us a reflection of the society in which we live. Overpaid media executives (and unpaid interns) […]

November By-elections: Looking Back

What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of the Liberal Democrats? Before 2010 it might have been idealism or something to do with wearing sandals. In the first year of coalition, betrayal was a word commonly used, especially after the tuition fee disaster. Now it is more likely to […]

What should Parliament do about Prisoners Voting?

Last week the House of Commons got angry. So far, not so unusual. Let me be a little more specific: last week the House of Commons got angry, and MPs from both sides of the house were in agreement. Now that is a distinctively more unusual event and you probably know by now what it […]