Is a vote for the Lib Dems a waste?

The nature of the ‘First past the post’ electoral system in UK General elections means there are always wasted votes that do not contribute to the outcome of a constituency contest. While the electoral system that the Liberal Democrats so weakly campaigned to reform will always hamper them, another very real threat exists: Perceptions of […]

Are Former Political Leaders Useless?

To say the recent re-emergence of Tony Blair into British current affairs has not been greeted with great positivity would be to brush over just how much aggression and disdain has been expressed for the former Prime Minister. Blair has been the subject of attention surrounding his comments on the Middle East and Iraq. Given […]

The Dwindling Rhetoric of the Scottish Independence Debate

The referendum on Scottish independence has been the most interesting political story of my adult life. Never before have I seen so many people passionate about their political future and mobilised to do something about it. The global recession and banking crises/scandals were met with as much apathy as outrage. Protest over the Iraq war […]

Why is Federalism a Dirty Word? In Defence of the European Project

During times of austerity we all need someone to point the finger of blame towards and it appears in modern times we now have a need to point many fingers at local, national and supranational level. There is form to suggest that the Liberal Democrats’ evisceration was coming due to their role as junior partner […]