Passengers’ views discarded in East Coast Sell off

A leaked report by the RMT (Britain’s largest specialist transport union) reveal that the Department of Transport is trying to downplay the success of the publicly owned East Coast Main Line in order to pave way for a future privatisation. The East Coast Main Line (ECML) is a 393-mile arterial rail line operating between London […]

Help to Bubble

Once I’ve finished banging my head against the wall I’ll tell you a story. This story is called the global economic crisis and like so many other post war epics the tale begins in America… Once upon a time there was a magical and responsibly operated kingdom called ‘the banking industry’, which was ruled over […]

The Falkirk Fallout

The Labour Party is facing calls from Conservative ministers to publish an internal report that cleared the Unite Trade Union of claims that it tried to rig the selection of a party candidate in Falkirk. The allegations in short are that the Unite trade union financed the membership fees of a group of local drinkers […]