Let them play bingo

“#budget2014 cuts bingo and beer tax helping hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy” read the tweet from Conservative MP and Party chairman, Grant Shapps. Shapps not too long ago stated that the Conservatives are the workers’ party, and they have rewarded the workers with more of their favourite things like bingo and […]

Coup Again?

Venezuela has seen anti-government protests recently, aimed at challenging the Chavista government headed by Nicolas Maduro.  These protests have even come with its own viral video that has the potential to create a mad bandwagon effect akin to that of the Kony 2012 buzz. The hype around the Venezuela protests however is covering the selfish motives of […]

We need to talk about Churchill

With Winston Churchill making an appearance on British bank notes it really is a good time to talk about Churchill, and not in the sycophantic way that floppy haired Tories like to gush over the former Prime Minister.  Churchill is far from the untouchable war hero he is often made out to be. In reality he […]

2013 In Review (sort of): The year of the “Urgh”

What a year.  A year of austerity, protests, social upheaval, spying, war, a papal resignation and a surprise Beyoncé album.  Overall, it’s a year that is most easily expressed with “urgh” and “I’m sure this has happened last year”.   The year started off with so much hope, with Barack Obama being sworn in for […]

Creeping Fascism

Economic hardships in societies that are already built upon foundations of xenophobia, racism, sexism, and homophobia give rise to fascism. Genuine grievances lead people to hate but existing attitudes and media coverage of right-wing groups pushes populations towards fascism.  There’s an obvious parallel with today’s rise in far right groups and the rise of far right […]

The Rich Man

Nick Boles (Oxford graduate and son of Sir Jack Boles) has stated that the Conservative Party has an image problem. He believes that the party has not been able to rid its image of the being the party ran by the rich, for the rich. It makes you wonder how this can be, with such working class […]

Game of Drones

Drone warfare is a defining factor of modern warfare with drone use massively escalating over the past decade.  The United States in particular have embraced the unmanned aircraft, with the Department of Defence spending $4.2 billion on the procurement of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the financial year of 2010.  Drones are changing the strategic and […]

Class Wars: No New Hope

Russell Brand struck a nerve recently. Whether you agree with him or not, we saw a surge in Britain’s top form of political activism, sharing videos on Facebook. Russell was able to bring people to the point of radical politics but then, through no fault of his own, everyone was surrounded by a forest of annoying points […]

Fear and Loathing in London

George Osborne’s recent trip to China has shown that the UK doesn’t really have the same issues with kowtowing that it used to have.  The economic dealings have shown that Chinese companies are going to be more heavily involved in the UK’s economy – as it will be made easier for aspects of the UK’s […]

Boys and their nuclear toys

Current debates on the renewal of the UK’s Trident Programme have seen the main political parties scrutinise the cost and security relevance of the UK’s nuclear capabilities.  It does seem that Trident is here to stay after prominent voices believe that the UK must maintain nuclear strike capabilities in order to protect the UK’s standing […]