The leaders’ debates do not enhance our democracy, they degrade it

Everyone seems to be leaping on the leader’s debates bandwagon. It rolls past me every single day.   “Cameron is a coward!”   “The public wants these debates!”   “This is about democracy!”   They call out to me. “Ben, join us, jump on the bandwagon.” To which my only reply is, “no sorry, not me, […]

The Abolition of Britain?

The 18th of September 2014 could go down in history as the day Britain was finally abolished. This would be a terrible tragedy and all the nations of these islands would be diminished as a result.  An incredible 300 year old story of success, innovation, invention, adventure, kinship  and resilience will end in an embittered […]

The Tory Party is decaying

Think of a grand old building with marvellous architecture, an impressive façade and the aura of historicity that emanates from a structure that has stood majestically for centuries. Walk through the door and you discover it is a husk. Inside the roof is leaking, the ceilings caving in and the walls crumbling. The rooms are […]

Ukip must offer a positive vision to break through the glass ceiling

After Ukip’s performance in the local elections a buoyant Nigel Farage indulged in a little triumphalism and declared: ‘the Ukip fox is in the Westminster hen house’, before going on to top the polls at the European elections. Ukippers everywhere now have a spring in their step and optimism coursing through their veins as attention […]