What’s Happening to our Education System?

The education system is currently rumbling on through a rough set of rapids. The government is attempting to implement significant changes to the assessment model, but these changes would appear to only make the situation worse. Although Michael Gove is correct that the education system may need adapting, his ideas appear to resort to a […]

They think it’s all over… It will be soon!

Football is spiralling out of control. Another January transfer has passed and more excessive wages have been dished out to players in the ever inflating world of football. There are two major areas of concern with football; how it functions as a viable business and the footballers themselves and the behaviour that is associated with […]

We Need to Talk About Terrorism

If Islamic terrorism was a “hash tag” on twitter it would currently be trending worldwide, if the mainstream media is to be believed. Within the space of a week it seemed that terrorist groups appeared out of fresh air across Africa. The French surprised us with a military offensive in Mali, whilst a group high […]

Where has all the love gone for our politicians?

From the suave David Cameron and the smooth talking Nick Clegg, to the pragmatic Ed Balls and the eloquent Ed Miliband; the current batch of politicians have tried and failed to gain our trust and respect. Why do we not trust our politicians? The expenses scandal helped, as did Clegg and his tuition fee’s pledge; […]

The Dark Violence Rises

Over the past twenty years the film industry has witnessed a powerful development in the amount of violence that has become acceptable on our screens. The films of the past deemed to be “violent” and “gruesome” would not so much as catch the attention of the average fifteen year old now. An extra terrestrial bursting […]