Something to Be Ashamed About

You might have heard about Ashya King, who has been all over the news in the last few days. Usually with captions like ‘abduction’ ‘kidnapping’ ‘child neglect’ and so on. What started this media craziness and a parent hunt was a simple parents’ love and unwillingness to give up on their little son and find the […]

The Simplicity of Scepticism

In the world we live in today, we take many things for granted. Inventions, innovation, technology, all that comes and goes and has become such a normal part of our lives. As we are hardly surprised and pleased, we can also be quite sceptical. Scepticism is a great virtue. It prevents us from being easily […]

How to Fight Terrorism?

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has been making headlines recently and not in a good way. Originally being a branch of al-Qaeda, founded in 2003, it has come a long way since. In the Western media, the information about ISIS started to be more vocal after the group became a strong […]