Major Risk

Last week, former Conservative Prime Minister Sir John Major called it ‘shameful’ that Labour had not definitively ruled out a coalition, or even a voting agreement, with the SNP. Major, who had argued against devolution in the 1990’s by claiming it would give a platform to nationalists, claims that Labour should not entertain an agreement […]

Remembering 1916 in Ireland

Last month, the Irish Government launched its commemoration project for the 1916 Easter Rising, Ireland 2016, with a three-minute video. This video depicts mostly recent, reconciliatory images of Anglo-Irish relations and modern Ireland. This video was rightly derided by both the public and the major political parties for, among other things, having almost nothing to […]

Britain, Europe and Scotland’s Next Referendum

There is a comic strip that went viral during the Scottish Referendum debates that had a cartoon Britain rebuking EU efforts to keep it in the Europe. Britain then turns to Scotland and makes the exact argument that the EU made to Britain. The cartoon intends to show the hypocrisy of Britain’s argument and the […]