Boris Johnson for PM – Madness

You went wild. The athletes went wild. The press has gone wild. Even the PM is going wild, albeit wild with anxiety. But you should be anxious also, so should the athletes and the press too.

Eric Pickles: the anti-communities secretary

If you visit the website of the department of communities and local government you will notice their claim, “We are helping to create a free, fair and responsible Big Society by putting power in the hands of citizens, neighbourhoods and councils.” I am sure you will agree that it’s a noble cause. Unfortunately, the man […]

Cameron’s Crush on Labour

He called Ed Milliband a “complete mug”, Ed Balls a “muttering idiot” and he told Labour MP Angela Eagle to “Calm down, dear”. Why is David Cameron so derogatory to those sitting opposite him? Based on his actions he should be sat with them. With the sun setting on the 2012 Games, Cameron was quick […]