10 days to go…

In 10 days, there will be no more door knocking, no more debates and no more election broadcasts. In 10 days, the general election will have ended, yet we still may not know which parties will make up our government. Yes, parties. You’ve probably heard it before, if you haven’t, it’s definitely been said: this […]

Nepal’s Earthquake: Learning the Lessons from the Past

Saturday saw the biggest earthquake in Nepal’s 80-year history. In less than a day, the death toll has more than doubled, now expected to be in the region of 2,500 (and rising). The 7.8 magnitude quake affected 5 countries from India to China and also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Experts […]

Who will win the Election in May?

  Introduction: Hung Parliament We are now less than 5 months away from the general election and Ed Miliband is looking more likely to gain more seats without a majority, but not entirely down to his own making. Some commentators are already hinting towards the inevitability of consecutive hung parliaments.​ The Big Issue Ed Miliband has […]

Cabinet Reshuffle

I think it is a team that reflects modern Britain and it is by reflecting all of modern Britain that we will get the best for our country. The Prime Minister, who had won on the slogan of ‘Change’ 4 years ago, hadn’t really delivered in such footings within his Cabinet – at least until […]

Weekly Political Round-up – 21st July 2014

This edition comes deliberately late following speculation that the prime minister was overdue for a cabinet reshuffle early this week, with growing rumours that it was going to be “big” and “surprising”. It was worth the wait. For more information, look for an article later today. This looks at everything else that has happened over the […]

Weekly Political Round-up – 8th July 2014

@ahassanali91 #AbsWeekly July has kicked off with a relatively quiet week in Westminster. The last month has seen particular focus on elections, bills and the Queen’s Speech, but one can be forgiven into believing that just as the buzz of the world cup is easing as we enter into the latter stages, the buzz in […]