The Rich Man

Nick Boles (Oxford graduate and son of Sir Jack Boles) has stated that the Conservative Party has an image problem. He believes that the party has not been able to rid its image of the being the party ran by the rich, for the rich. It makes you wonder how this can be, with such working class heroes like David Cameron (Etonian, Bullingdon Club member, Oxford graduate, and lineal descendent of King William IV) and George Osborne (Bullingdon Club member, Oxford graduate, son of Sir Peter Osborne, and millionaire) at the helm of the party. The mind boggles!

Nick Boles believes that the Tories need wider voter appeal and that the man that will give the Conservatives that, is Boris Johnson (Etonian, Bullingdon Club member, Oxford graduate and descendent of King George II).  That should shatter the image of the party of the rich!  With Boris Johnson’s working class credentials and evident love of the poor, the Conservatives will soon like more like Bolsheviks than Thatcherites!  Good spot, Mr Boles!

Looking at the backgrounds of the big players in the Tory Party and the millionaire status of most of the Cabinet, you’d have an easier job rebranding bowie knives as rattles for new-borns than convincing people that the Conservatives aren’t the party of the rich.  What Nick Boles really meant to say was “it’s still really obvious that we’re the party of the rich, we need to start lying better”.

Nick Boles also believes that the Conservative Party truly has something to offer to the masses of Britain in the form of “economic liberation” and not enough people can see this.  The economic liberation of the working classes has been in full swing since the Conservatives took office, except that some elements of the press keep misspelling it as “austerity”.  Elements of British society have been so economically liberated that they’ve had the freedom to lose their jobs, lose their benefits, lose their public services, and then have the freedom to starve and accumulate their own massive amounts of debt.

With average household debt at £54,000 and the increase in tuition fees that is seeing a whole generation of young adults saddled with debt before they so much have a chance of thinking about adult life this form of economic liberation is really taking hold and shaping the lives of many.

I really do wonder if people like Nick Boles are so genuinely naïve that they believe the idea of economic liberation is helping people out of poverty or if they’re so evil that they keep thinking of new lies to keep the money and the power exactly where it is.

Nick Boles’ idea of a rebranding of the Tories is completely and utterly redundant.  Any attempt to make out that they’re not the party of the rich would be a lie, not a rebranding.  There are too many rich and powerful members and backers of the Conservative Party to even think about an honest rebranding.  The next generation of Conservative Party big hitters will be exactly the same as well, they’re probably finishing up in Eton or Oxford now.  They’ll be the same sort of young Tory that listening to them speak is like being waterboarded by tedium and arrogance.

Dressing up the politics of greed in the language of economic liberation will never work and the higher powers of the Tory Party seem to know this.  This is why Lynton Crosby is the Conservative Party’s election guru, and not Nick Boles.

The Conservative campaign will play on people’s hatred and fears.  We’ll be reminded that foreign people are sneaking into the country, being moved into 12 bedroom council estates by the EU, and harvesting the blood of swans as someone from the economic underclass is trying to steal your furniture.  The Conservative campaign won’t bother spouting out the idea of economic liberation due to it being so at odds with the economic reality for many in the country.

What I’m saying to the people like Nick Boles is “why bother?” People know what the Conservatives are and a lot of people still vote for them because they’re less bothered by a plutocratic government than they are by asylum seekers and teenage mothers.  A working class mask on the face of a fat cat won’t fool anyone, and you’re an idiot if you think it will.