Is it the right time for the Apple Watch?

It’s now been few weeks since Apple announced the Apple Watch – a hybrid between technology and fashion – and since then many analysts have come out on both sides of the debate; some supporting the venture, while others are sceptical. The company’s first major product developed without Steve Jobs, the product is already following the […]

Apple’s Next Big Thing?

Just like every year, next Tuesday Apple’s annual iPhone event is taking place, bringing with it the new devices that have been cooking in Cupertino for the past year. Speculation this year is that instead of one new premium model, Apple will instead be launching two new models at new screen sizes. Not only that, […]

What’s the problem with Amazon’s new strategy?

Ever since Amazon started the company has had many doubters. Many thought that the idea wouldn’t work; people wouldn’t want to order books on the internet when they could just visit their local bookstore. Even then, when the dot-com bubble burst in 2001 and the stock went from $107 to $7 in just a few […]

The IOO University Guide 2014-2015

Click here to view the full rankings.   The Institute of Opinion is pleased to launch our second annual university guide, featuring a unique ranking of 122 British universities, based around our perfect methodology which places a great emphasis on student satisfaction and graduate prospects. IOO was founded and is still ran by students from […]

Why did Apple buy Beats?

Ever since the news was leaked by the FT that Apple was in talks to acquire Beats Electronics for around $3 billion, analysts have been scrambling to release their thoughts. Most of it centres around the fact that on the surface, the deal doesn’t seem to make sense. While Facebook and Google have been involved in […]

Is Tech City beginning to look like a true Silicon Valley rival?

Since I wrote about how difficult it would be for the UK to emulate Silicon Valley last July, time has passed and you’d have hoped that progress has been made towards meeting that goal. The government has continued to push Tech City and with news breaking that Yahoo has acquired London based Nick D’Aloisio’s app, Summly, […]

The end of Chinese Manufacturing and the Rebirth of the UK and the USA

In the past decade, manufacturing of all sorts, especially for low-priced, low margin goods, has been moving to China. Companies like Dyson and Marks and Spencer were amongst many Western companies who took advantage of the Chinese manufacturing boom. Lured by subsidies, cheap labour, and lax regulations and rigging its currency, China was able to seduce […]

Will the UK be able to create something to rival Silicon Valley?

With the Olympics about to get underway, the Cabinet is starting to look towards and plan for the months ahead. One of these plans, led by Jeremy Hunt, involves expanding the current “Silicon Roundabout” in a bid to create our very own rival to Silicon Valley right in London. Hoping to bring together ambition, creativity […]

Protesting For What?

Protests in central London in response to the unexpected result of the British General Election have attracted condemnation – as well as enthusiastic professions of solidarity – in recent days. The vandalisation of a Second World War memorial during the “anti-austerity march” was met with outrage from most. And yet some sage commentators suggested glibly […]

As Prime Minister does Cameron really have a mandate?

I’ll admit straight off the mark; I’m a bit of a leftie, and a lot of my friends are lefties too. Since the Conservative majority was announced my Facebook news feed has been abuzz with anger. I am no natural ally of David Cameron but from the way anti-Tories have been going on you would […]

Neo-Liberalism Part II: Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

Why doesn’t the world change? Generally, the public does not support Neo Liberalism. More accurately, the general public is not interested in mainstream politics because it’s so boring! Why is that? It’s simple. All the main parties are the same. I’m not exaggerating. Even the Labour party leader, (now ex-leader), Ed Miliband explicitly said that […]

When did Britain get scared so easily?

I had been awake for 28 hours and 23 minutes as of this sentence. Polls hadn’t closed yet but the results are clear. The Conservative party have won a majority. It would seem that only Cameron himself managed to predict this result, while the media insisted he wouldn’t be able to get the majority he […]

The Election and Cameron: The paradox of why less was more.

The outcome of all elections including the politically and potentially historically significant General Election 2015, hinge on a multitude of factors. History, the economy, the social make up of a society, personality, and the media are to name but a few. The 2015 General Election was without a doubt a departure from the truisms which […]

Talking to Strangers: Thoughts on Voting

You know when you’re waiting for a bus or in-line at a Starbucks? And you see that familiar face you see every time you’re there? Have you ever wanted to talk to them but you were too shy or thought you may look like a lunatic for doing so? Well don’t worry, that’s why I’m […]

10 days to go…

In 10 days, there will be no more door knocking, no more debates and no more election broadcasts. In 10 days, the general election will have ended, yet we still may not know which parties will make up our government. Yes, parties. You’ve probably heard it before, if you haven’t, it’s definitely been said: this […]

Nepal’s Earthquake: Learning the Lessons from the Past

Saturday saw the biggest earthquake in Nepal’s 80-year history. In less than a day, the death toll has more than doubled, now expected to be in the region of 2,500 (and rising). The 7.8 magnitude quake affected 5 countries from India to China and also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Experts […]

Who will you sell your soul to?

In the past week or so the Labour party have made increasingly large amounts of noise about how they will not deal with the SNP in the event of a hung parliament, which all polls suggest there will be. So in 2015 we will likely be seeing a Conservative or Labour led coalition. Deals will […]

Why is no one talking about poverty?

Over the past few weeks the news has been consumed with debates about the root causes of violent and extreme behaviour oversees. Most notably the actions of Mohammed Emwazi (or Jihadi John). CAGE argue that his extremism was accelerated by the interventions and prejudicial actions of the security services. The government argue that he, like […]