200 Years of You

What if I told you that you are living the same life as your parents, grandparents and your grandparents’ parents? Year on year, for the past 200 years, the economic foundations of western society have stayed the same. As a result, the way that society shapes people and the relationships that emerge from that society has […]

Is torture unconscionable?

The recent report into the CIA’s treatment of terrorist suspects by the US Senate Intelligence Committee has reignited discussion of the propriety of America’s behaviour after the devastation of 9/11. But it has also aroused suspicion of a party-political offensive by the Democrat majority Senate, keen to buttress President Obama’s profile as the man who […]

Labour to limit unpaid internships

Labour has announced plans to ban unpaid internships, meaning interns employed for longer than four weeks will be paid at least the minimum wage, should Labour come to power in May. Intern Aware – set up by students who felt “locked out” of competitive industries – are campaigning for businesses to pay their staff, citing […]

The EU’s Role in Lima and Paris

The 2014 UN Climate Change Conference, held between the 1st and 12th of December in Lima, Peru, acts as a forum for nations to make a collective decision on climate action, and identify the crucial elements needed for a binding climate agreement at the next Conference in Paris 2015. Climate change is one of the […]

What does fracking mean for greenhouse gas emissions?

Fracking in the UK is still within its exploratory phase, however proposed amendments to the infrastructure bill could facilitate its implementation by allowing “any substance” to be pumped under people’s homes in the UK as part of the hydraulic fracturing process, while changes to trespass laws prevent landowners from blocking fracking under their homes. Although many […]

Remembering 1916 in Ireland

Last month, the Irish Government launched its commemoration project for the 1916 Easter Rising, Ireland 2016, with a three-minute video. This video depicts mostly recent, reconciliatory images of Anglo-Irish relations and modern Ireland. This video was rightly derided by both the public and the major political parties for, among other things, having almost nothing to […]

Strange bedfellows and the fight against IS

Footage has recently emerged which suggests that the Iranian airforce is targeting IS locations. This should not be surprising considering the rapacious, brutal nature of the para-military group and its increasing proximity to Iran’s western border. But what is interesting is the resulting alignment of interests, if not alliance, between Iran and the US. After […]

Big Girls Don’t Cry – the masculinisation of female politicians

The disproportionate representation of women in the political sphere is widely recognized, and their exclusion from access to power often noted. There are currently only 22 female world leaders in power, and amongst the world’s 10 most populous countries only five – India, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, and Bangladesh – have at some point in their […]

Why Cyprus should unite now more than ever

According to the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News, the case for a united Cyprus is stronger now more than ever. Apparently, a Cyprus reunification deal would be worth 20 billion Euros, which would provide serious relief for the recession-ridden island. A UN-brokered reunification deal may well raise per capita incomes by 12,000 Euros, expand the size […]

Censorship on Campus?

Was it wrong for two men (Brendan O’Neill and Timothy Stanley) to be offered a platform to discuss abortion rights at Oxford University? And does the prospect of such an event taking place (organised by the Oxford Students for Life, incidentally) raise “security concerns, both physical and mental”, as a spokesman for the college suggested? […]