Eric’s Pickle

Since the murders in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices and a kosher supermarket, thousands of soldiers have been deployed in France and the British secret services are braced for a similar incident in the UK. In this febrile climate, Eric Pickles recently composed a mild but timely missive – sent to all British mosques […]

Who will win the Election in May?

  Introduction: Hung Parliament We are now less than 5 months away from the general election and Ed Miliband is looking more likely to gain more seats without a majority, but not entirely down to his own making. Some commentators are already hinting towards the inevitability of consecutive hung parliaments.​ The Big Issue Ed Miliband has […]

Ed Miliband is right to ‘weaponise’ the NHS

For two weeks running at Prime Minister’s Questions David Cameron has laid into Ed Miliband for saying that he planned to ‘weaponize’ the NHS as part of his general election campaign. Cameron described it as disgusting and proclaimed, as he often has, that the NHS is too important to be a political football and should […]

Echoes & Tweets in Paris

What do the murders at a French satire sheet tell us about modern France & new media? Undeterred by jihadist bullets Charlie Hebdo was back in the kiosks and newsagents of France today, with another front page cartoon as sure to energise, amuse and alienate as ever. The front page depicting a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad […]

The Threat From Within: Free Speech and Prejudice at Charlie Hebdo

The massacre at Charlie Hebdo is an appalling act of brutality and form of censorship by revenge violence. Free speech has been assaulted, the West must reassert it. Every form of support must be given to Charlie Hebdo as it reasserts its right to free speech, as I’m sure it will do in time. It […]

The Parameters of Laughter

(Illustration by Alex Mellon) Since the slaughter of ten cartoonists and writers (as well as two policemen) in Paris, much has been made of the importance of unity and resistance to division. With Marine Le Pen poised to exploit this terrible trauma to buttress her contempt for multiculturalism and dislike of immigration, caution of this […]

Labour needs to bind the middle-class to the welfare-state

If the Conservative party returns to power, public spending will likely return to their lowest levels since the 1930s., which could return to 1930s levels of spending if the Conservative party  returns to power this May. Labour could continue to provide the lacklustre policy response it has until now, offering a few tasty bites of […]

A drunk is worthy of NHS care just like anyone else

It is a fact of British politics that the NHS is in crisis. Whichever party, or coalition of parties, enjoys a pleasant honeymoon in the sun drench gardens of Downing Street will be charged with saving the NHS. This at a time when each and every politician professes to have their hands tied behind their […]

The Interview and Hollywood Cowardice

A group of hackers calling themselves – ironically, I presume – “The Guardians of Peace”, recently succeeded in cowing Hollywood to such an extent that a prominent studio cancelled the release of an upcoming film (The Interview). Theatres refused to show it due to safety concerns. This cyber mob is now widely believed to be […]