Consumer Socialism – Use Your Economic Vote

Lets break it down, consumers are people, business and the collective purchasing of the state locally or nationally. Socialism, a word often used as a broad but vague expression of ‘for the masses’, or ‘via the state’ or ‘fairness & redistribution’. Consumer socialism therefore is using the collective voice of consumers. The system needs to be […]

What does ‘Socialism’ mean to Ed?

There has been many a re-hash of the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in politics with the odd switch over. From Keynes and Hayek to Marx and Durkhiem there have been new ideas around what is Left and Right, a debate still ongoing today. So when Ed Miliband recently vowed to ‘bring Socialism back to Britain’ he […]

On the ground in India: The largest democracy in the World

“Political Science?!” replied my grandfather, bemused, when I tried to explain to him what I would be studying at university. Notwithstanding my own quiet satisfaction at having secured a place to read what, in the UK, is a competitive academic discipline, my grandfather’s cynicism is borne out of years of witnessing governance in India. A […]