Let them play bingo

“#budget2014 cuts bingo and beer tax helping hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy” read the tweet from Conservative MP and Party chairman, Grant Shapps. Shapps not too long ago stated that the Conservatives are the workers’ party, and they have rewarded the workers with more of their favourite things like bingo and […]

Emotional social mobility – a new area in the study of social mobility

Social mobility is essentially difficult to define. This issue draws large consensus, including the Government’s view, in defining social mobility as an “individual’s ability to progress in terms of socio-economic status within their lifetime”. I firmly believe that education can be a driving factor in an individual’s climb of the social mobility ladder. My concern […]

Ed’s Inspirations: An anagram for success?

What drives Ed Miliband Ed has repeated a claim recently that he wants to be a conviction politician, like Thatcher. He has also sought to revive the spirit of the 1945 Attlee government to frame how he sees the challenge of leading the UK in the 21st Century and the changes needed to meet that challenge. And he […]

Government and our services: what can we do?

Here are three ways the government can help make the economy more just and secure for all. This list gives a small overview of ways the government could act and actively promote an economy where people feel more secure, where people would feel valued as a part of the community and a part of the […]

Paying peanuts to get Einsteins – the skills shortage myth in the UK

“There’s only three things for sure; taxes, death and trouble” wailed Marvin Gaye on Trouble Man back in 1972.  If he’d survived getting shot by his father twelve years later, he may have thought to add a fourth; inter-generational disappointment.  True, it wouldn’t be snappy and it would be hell to rhyme, but it’s a […]

Going after welfare cheats misses the bigger picture

So, like the New Labour government before it, the Coalition government wants to go after benefit cheats who scam the state out of taxpayer funded social security payments. This is hardly a great surprise given chancellor George Osborne’s recent proclamation that he wants to swipe £12 billion from the current welfare budget. The question is […]

Why we really can’t afford welfare dependency

The nasty, cutting coalition of the left-liberal imagination is showing itself to be anything but. Why else would George Osborne’s announcement that he is to cut £12 billion from the welfare budget after the next election cause such cabinet unease? Nick Clegg isn’t best pleased; and the welfare and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, is […]

Catch-22: The EU Eastern Partnership Summit

Next week, starting 28 November, the Third Eastern Partnership Summit of the European Union will be taking place in Vilnius. The Eastern Partnership (EaP), a vital part of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), was established in its current form in 2009 and led to an intensification of political contacts between the EU and its six […]