Is a vote for the Lib Dems a waste?

The nature of the ‘First past the post’ electoral system in UK General elections means there are always wasted votes that do not contribute to the outcome of a constituency contest. While the electoral system that the Liberal Democrats so weakly campaigned to reform will always hamper them, another very real threat exists: Perceptions of […]

Emotional Abuse – A Stonger System to Tackle the Problem?

Emotional abuse during a child’s stages of development can leave them socially stunted and unable to get on with the world around them in teenage and adult life. It is perfectly reasonable and responsible of any government to introduce laws to improve existing powers to protect children from emotional abuse. I, like many others, am […]

The Dwindling Rhetoric of the Scottish Independence Debate

The referendum on Scottish independence has been the most interesting political story of my adult life. Never before have I seen so many people passionate about their political future and mobilised to do something about it. The global recession and banking crises/scandals were met with as much apathy as outrage. Protest over the Iraq war […]

The Chagos Islands: Britain’s Quiet Colonialism

In a UN Permanent Court of Arbitration (PAC) session in Turkey this week, the UK Government has been fighting a legal battle with the Government of Mauritius. The dispute centres on the future of a relatively obscure archipelago in the Indian Ocean known as the Chagos Islands. These are currently UK sovereign territory but host a […]

Some thoughts on apprenticeships

Every party claims to be the party of apprentices and the party who champions apprenticeships. But we haven’t seen the revolution in apprentices we need. We are in a situation where we look to other countries in awe and look to the past and reminisce. The future has to look brighter than the past. Apprenticeships […]

Consumer Socialism – Use Your Economic Vote

Lets break it down, consumers are people, business and the collective purchasing of the state locally or nationally. Socialism, a word often used as a broad but vague expression of ‘for the masses’, or ‘via the state’ or ‘fairness & redistribution’. Consumer socialism therefore is using the collective voice of consumers. The system needs to be […]

Griffin Must Go!

Since 2009, North West England has been blessed to have the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, representing it in the European Parliament. 7 million people have had a man who supports a racist agenda, arguing on their behalf in Brussels. Currently MEPs are elected using a proportional representation model, so some argue […]

Emotional social mobility – a new area in the study of social mobility

Social mobility is essentially difficult to define. This issue draws large consensus, including the Government’s view, in defining social mobility as an “individual’s ability to progress in terms of socio-economic status within their lifetime”. I firmly believe that education can be a driving factor in an individual’s climb of the social mobility ladder. My concern […]

Ed’s Inspirations: An anagram for success?

What drives Ed Miliband Ed has repeated a claim recently that he wants to be a conviction politician, like Thatcher. He has also sought to revive the spirit of the 1945 Attlee government to frame how he sees the challenge of leading the UK in the 21st Century and the changes needed to meet that challenge. And he […]

Football versus Homophobia: Taking Penalties

Thomas Hitzlsperger was a highly capable German international footballer. There is probably nothing he could have done, however, short of committing some heinous crime, that would have attracted even approximately similar media attention as his recent revelation he was homosexual. There are, of course a number of reasons for this but at the most basic […]