Homelessness: The Epidemic No One Wants To Talk About

Tonight, despite the freezing temperatures, as many as 2300 people will be sleeping rough in the streets. Thirteen years into the 21st century it’s both disturbing and shameful that we’ve wiped out smallpox and polio but not homelessness. The most vulnerable are the most visible. We all pass homeless people in the streets every day. […]

The Realities Of Rebalancing

Following the financial crisis, ‘rebalancing the economy’ became the favourite catchphrase of ministers, MPs and commentators alike. ‘Rebalancing’ became one of the Coalition’s three vaunted economic priorities – along with protecting the fledgling recovery and eliminating the deficit. Three years later the latter have both gone up in flames, victims of a stagnant economy. Yet, […]

The PR War For The Falklands

Normally any vote that gains an outlandish 99.8% victory margin, let alone on a 92% turnout, would be roundly dismissed for flagrant vote-rigging. Nevertheless that was the free and fair outcome of the Falklands referendum, with only 3 lone Islanders objecting that they did not ‘wish the Falkland Islands to retain their current political status […]

The Post-Eastleigh Crossroads: Do the Tories Turn Left or Right?

If nothing else, the residents of Eastleigh have mastered the art of the unexpected. A by-election that was initially seen as a ruthless face-off between coalition partners saw the Liberal Democrats emerge triumphant and a surging UKIP relegated the Tories to third place. Significantly, this by-election foreshadows many similar contests expected in 2015 and was […]