English Nationalism and Electoral Reform could propel UKIP into Real Power

Lots has been written of the last few years about the possibility of UKIP’s rise resurrecting debates over electoral reform most thought died after the abysmal defeat of reformers in the 2011 Alternative Vote referendum. There are even suggestions that they could be the catalyst for a reform to our current First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) system where […]

Ed Miliband is right to ‘weaponise’ the NHS

For two weeks running at Prime Minister’s Questions David Cameron has laid into Ed Miliband for saying that he planned to ‘weaponize’ the NHS as part of his general election campaign. Cameron described it as disgusting and proclaimed, as he often has, that the NHS is too important to be a political football and should […]

The Threat From Within: Free Speech and Prejudice at Charlie Hebdo

The massacre at Charlie Hebdo is an appalling act of brutality and form of censorship by revenge violence. Free speech has been assaulted, the West must reassert it. Every form of support must be given to Charlie Hebdo as it reasserts its right to free speech, as I’m sure it will do in time. It […]

A drunk is worthy of NHS care just like anyone else

It is a fact of British politics that the NHS is in crisis. Whichever party, or coalition of parties, enjoys a pleasant honeymoon in the sun drench gardens of Downing Street will be charged with saving the NHS. This at a time when each and every politician professes to have their hands tied behind their […]

Dear the Able: Don’t Make Lord Freud’s Words the Thing

At a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference Lord Freud, the welfare reform minister, was recorded saying the some disabled people are “not worth the full wage”. Outraged, disabled people and others called on Freud to apologise at the very least, and many questioned the wisdom of a Prime Minister who would appoint someone […]

It is Time to Consider Regulating Antibiotic Prescription

On Friday 10th of October a report was issued which showed that, despite pressure to do otherwise, doctors have been prescribing antibiotics at an ever increasing rate. As the Ebola outbreak continues to dominate the news the long term existential threat from global pandemics is surprisingly ignored. Scientists have long warned that our high use […]

An English Parliament is No Solution

The result of a No vote in the Scottish Referendum is not the status quo, but a rush to grant a mass of new powers to the devolved Scottish Parliament. This outcome, which Prime Minister David Cameron prevented being on the ballot in the first place, is often called ‘Devo-Max’. The most important of its’ […]

Puritanism and Public Health

Public Health campaigns have targeted tobacco, booze and increasingly fatty foods. For most public health advocates it is a strictly scientific and medical business designed to encourage an healthier population. There is little wrong with that aim, one might think. There are of course limits as public health is always a balancing act against individual […]

Concentration is Crucial for the Greens’ National Ambitions

Over the last few weeks some may have noticed that the Green Party has received more media attention than usual. In all honesty that is not hard to achieve. Ordinarily one would suppose that the media is selectively colour blind – seeing only blue, red, yellow and (recently) purple. This media attention marks a dramatic […]