When did Britain get scared so easily?

I had been awake for 28 hours and 23 minutes as of this sentence. Polls hadn’t closed yet but the results are clear. The Conservative party have won a majority. It would seem that only Cameron himself managed to predict this result, while the media insisted he wouldn’t be able to get the majority he […]

Democracy’s dark days

Democracy is facing a complex of identity as its influence becomes increasingly undermined both externally and internally. From the exterior, democracy faces threats from groups such as IS and the growing influence of powerful developing economies such as the “new G7” (Russia, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey) where 2 of the 3 most […]

We are all in this together…apparently

So it’s that time of year again, conference season has slapped us in the face.  But if it’s not enough that we have to sit through the party’s faithful grinning and clapping obediently to the pauses in their respective leaders and senior members’ speeches, we also have to pick apart the substance from the rhetoric and […]