In Defence of the Living Wage

Recently, Aadit Shankar wrote an article on this website claiming that the Living Wage was not the answer to improving the standards of living of those paid less than the proposed rate, currently 6 million British workers. Although Aadit makes some points worthy of note that must be considered when proposing or introducing this measure, […]

Britain needs her own foreign policy

Downing Street reiterated its policy position towards Iran today and I am glad to say that they appear to be finally awakening to the dangers of an aggressive, interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East. The first positive is the UK’s reluctance to attack a sovereign state, a reluctance that has been obviously lacking in […]

Francois Hollande has just become massively important for Labour

Francois Hollande’s rise to become French president and remove the centre-right administration of Nicolas Sarkozy was a big moment for Europe. Hollande’s accession marked the rejection of technocratic and conservative led recession in favour of a more equal, painless route out of Europe’s woes. Furthermore, Hollande’s triumph appeared to personify the anti-austerity tide sweeping across […]

Is the British far-right about to suffer a generation of neglect?

Matthew Goodwin, an expert on British far-right politics, wrote in the Guardian last week that the far-right in British politics is on the verge of a generation’s worth of even less support than it currently commands. Goodwin’s evidence for this hypothesis comes in poll results that have asked voters how their voting habits would be […]

Two Eds may not be better after all

So, apparently the relationship at the top of the Labour Party between leader Ed Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls is breaking down. This supposed friction between Labour’s top two was reported last week in the media and even if, as has been argued, the account of Miliband snapping at Balls at a shadow cabinet […]

Desmond Tutu’s Right On Tony Blair

Last week Archbishop Desmond Tutu called for Tony Blair to be dragged before the International criminal Court at The Hague to face a war crimes trial for his part in instigating the war in Iraq. Tutu bases his case on the fact that Britain and the United States went to war on the premise of […]

Clegg’s Trying To Be Left Again

In one of the opening interviews of the new political season, following summer recess, Nick Clegg managed to dumbfound critics and admirers alike by suggesting that, in the interests of fairness, the rich should, in this time of economic crisis, pay a larger amount of tax. On the face of it, Clegg’s move appears to […]