What should the UK do about companies and tax?

Recently, the British public seems to have woken up to the fact that companies such as Starbucks, Microsoft and Google aren’t paying “their fair share” of corporation tax in the UK. However, I feel that they are doing this without knowing the law, resulting in a series of unfair attacks that could set a dangerous […]

US Election 2012: What does the result mean for the US and the World?

The results from the 2012 US Presidential Election are in and the result is exactly what many expected right from the beginning: Obama won. Some did expect Romney to pose more of a challenge, especially after his stellar performance in the first debate that saw him improve in the polls. However, for the most part, […]

More evidence that Heathrow Expansion is not the solution

Recently, the boss of Virgin Atlantic, Steve Ridgway, has claimed that the only solution to the UK’s airport problem is to expand Heathrow. He claims that Heathrow is the best option simply because other solutions, such as a new airport in the Thames Estuary, will cost too much money and will become unaffordable. While this […]

Nuclear power needs a revival

At the moment, the future of nuclear power seems increasingly uncertain. Governments previously saw nuclear power as the future, but recent events have combined to force them to change their minds. Many countries, including Germany and Japan are considering shutting down their existing programmes, with places like the UK slowing down expansion and replacement plans. […]

What do George Osborne and Mitt Romney have in common?

Both George Osborne and Mitt Romney have recently been criticised for stating that the United Kingdom and the United States are countries facing massive debt burdens. With increasing deficits, the leaders have stated that the problems are caused not by taxing the rich too little, but instead a wider problem; giving too much when there […]

Why has the MOD confirmed that Prince Harry is in Afghanistan?

Prince Harry has just arrived in Afghanistan, serving as an Apache pilot, more than a decade after coalition forces first entered the country after the events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The main focus of the mission is to withdraw the remaining troops left in the country within the next two years, in the hope […]

What are the chances that Israel will attack Iran?

The situation with Iran doesn’t seem like it is improving. Moving closer and closer to the capabilities of producing a nuclear warhead, the country is also moving to secure the production sites; making any attack increasingly difficult. So far, diplomacy between Iran and the world’s powers has failed, with talks in Moscow failing to bring […]

What are the prospects for peace and cooperation in Asia?

Asia is a region where tensions run deep. Both historical and modern rivalries dominate the area, with conflict taking place throughout history; especially in East Asia. Many have claimed that over the past decade, these tensions have started to disappear, with some of the countries working together. While at first glance progress seems to be […]