Are the government’s fiscal plans a good idea?

Since coming to power in 2010, the coalition government has focused on cutting the deficit, aiming to have the structural current budget in balance at the end of a five year period, as well as public debt as a percentage of national income falling by 2015. The government is trying to meet these targets by […]

Quantitative Easing: Is it worth it?

Quantitative Easing was introduced in the UK in March 2009, with the bank rate already at 0.5%, the MPC had to turn to a different stimulus in order to boost the economy. The Bank of England creates new money, boosting the money supply, in order purchase government bonds.  The purpose of this is to inject […]

Is Tech City beginning to look like a true Silicon Valley rival?

Since I wrote about how difficult it would be for the UK to emulate Silicon Valley last July, time has passed and you’d have hoped that progress has been made towards meeting that goal. The government has continued to push Tech City and with news breaking that Yahoo has acquired London based Nick D’Aloisio’s app, Summly, […]

Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013

While we have known for sometime that Margaret Thatcher hasn’t been well, it still came as a shock to us all when it was announced yesterday that she had passed away, aged 87. As Britain’s longest serving Prime Minister in modern times and the first woman to lead a major Western democracy, she was always […]

The Euro: The beginning of the end?

Over the past few years the Eurozone has been full of problems. Ireland and Greece have both needed international bailouts to keep them afloat, each time creating weeks of uncertainty. Amongst other things, each bailout led to debates as to whether each country would end up leaving the Euro, or in more extravagant predictions, some […]

Is High Speed 2 worth it?

Recently, with the release of the proposed route of Phase Two of High Speed 2, the debate surrounding the project has resurfaced. With these additional details, it’s likely that the No campaign will intensify over the next couple of months. There is real potential for conflict, especially amongst the people who are affected by the […]

What should the government do about immigration?

With the growing popularity of UKIP and the news that potentially 1 million Bulgarians could be moving to the UK in the near future, the debate over immigration has reemerged. Recent figures show that estimated net migration in the year to December 2011 was 216,000 – down from 252,000 in 2010. As far as the […]

Our Opinion On: The Economy in 2013

Looking back on 2012 in an economic sense presents a very mixed picture. Most of the developed world hasn’t had a brilliant year, but it certainly hasn’t been as bad as it could have been considering events that took place or the past few years. The UK certainly didn’t do that well, moving back into […]

Is George Osborne getting his message across?

Considering all of the coverage over the last few years of George Osborne trying to sort out the mess Labour has left behind, you would have thought by now that most of the British public would be aware as to the current situation. Hour after hour of media coverage has come and gone, with reports […]