Countdown to 2016: The Democratic Candidates

At a first glance it might seem like it’s a long way until the next US election in 2016, with Obama only having started his second term a mere 8 months ago. However, the clock is ticking down and the officials thinking about running in 2016 will certainly be feeling the heat. Both parties will […]

Will Obama’s Plan for Colleges work?

Across the Western World further education funding is a real problem as costs for students are increasing, making the experience unaffordable for many. So, just like healthcare, Obama declared that he thought there was a real issue and that he had a plan to fix the problems: “To create a better bargain for the middle […]

It’s time to examine Greenwald’s Guardian claims

Since the story broke over the weekend that the partner of Glenn Greenwald, a journalist for The Guardian who has been working to publish information on behalf of NSA-leaker Edward Snowden, the public has another reason to be divided. One half say that as a partner of a journalist, it’s a crime to hold him […]

Hyperloop: Another innovative idea from the USA

The latest idea by Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and now known for Tesla Motors and SpaceX has been released to the world. Musk envisions using magnets and fans to shoot capsules floating on a cushion of air through a long tube, between Los Angeles and San Francisco. With an expected travel time of just […]

It’s Time For Schools to Embrace Technology

Many people will look at schools in both the US and UK and come to the conclusion that nothing is wrong. Yet, I look at them and find that one important element is stuck in the past: technology. Currently, the basic premise of teaching hasn’t changed much in almost 50 years, with the teacher standing […]

What can we learn from the Edward Snowden saga?

For many weeks now, the Edward Snowden saga has been rumbling on, with it likely to continue for many more weeks. Last week, it looked like another part of the saga was over, with Russian reports suggesting that he had been handed documents allowing him to enter the country officially. However, his lawyer later claimed […]

Is the OBR likely to succeed?

In 2010 the government set up the Office for Budget Responsibility, as an independent organisation to issue independent estimates and forecasts for the UK economy and government policy. With the same tools as the Treasury, they are free to investigate any issue, including government pension liabilities. The government has hoped that this move will bring […]

Patent Box: A good policy?

Currently the UK has a lack of investment in research and development, thus is lacking in innovation. Considering it’s GDP, the UK is behind Slovenia in the number of patents submitted and behind many of its rivals including the USA, Japan and even Korea for major innovations that are patented worldwide. Therefore, the government has […]

Will funding for lending help the economy?

In July 2012, the Bank of England launched a new scheme designed to increase the amount of lending given by banks to small and medium businesses. These organisations are crucial, seen as the sector of the economy that can bring strong growth and help to restructure focus away from the financial sector. This programme provides […]

Is universal credit really a good policy?

One of the main purposes of the benefit system is to help people in need be able to recover and get back into the job market. However, the current system has many problems which make this difficult, such as quick withdrawal of benefits which makes it unrewarding to work extra hours. This means that it […]