Is it the right time for the Apple Watch?

It’s now been few weeks since Apple announced the Apple Watch – a hybrid between technology and fashion – and since then many analysts have come out on both sides of the debate; some supporting the venture, while others are sceptical. The company’s first major product developed without Steve Jobs, the product is already following the […]

Apple’s Next Big Thing?

Just like every year, next Tuesday Apple’s annual iPhone event is taking place, bringing with it the new devices that have been cooking in Cupertino for the past year. Speculation this year is that instead of one new premium model, Apple will instead be launching two new models at new screen sizes. Not only that, […]

What’s the problem with Amazon’s new strategy?

Ever since Amazon started the company has had many doubters. Many thought that the idea wouldn’t work; people wouldn’t want to order books on the internet when they could just visit their local bookstore. Even then, when the dot-com bubble burst in 2001 and the stock went from $107 to $7 in just a few […]

Why did Apple buy Beats?

Ever since the news was leaked by the FT that Apple was in talks to acquire Beats Electronics for around $3 billion, analysts have been scrambling to release their thoughts. Most of it centres around the fact that on the surface, the deal doesn’t seem to make sense. While Facebook and Google have been involved in […]

America: The Greatest Country in the World?

While rewatching some episodes of The Newsroom, a HBO drama about – you guessed it – the operations of a newsroom, I thought back to the first series. In one of the episodes, Jeff Daniels, who portrays news anchor Will McAvoy, delivered a incredible, hard-hitting, accurate, and intelligent monologue. It’s something that everyone should read, or indeed […]

Will China become a superpower in the next few years?

With the economic rise of China there has been a lot of discussion as to how this is going to change the geopolitical landscape. Currently the United States is the only true superpower, with a dominant position in global politics, having the ability to influence events and its own interests while being able to project power throughout the world. […]

Countdown to 2016: Opening Polls

It might seem like a long way away but already the American public is being asked about their voting intentions based on the current list of potential candidates. Even though it might seem that it’s too far away to pick out the signal from the noise, there is enough information to at least be able […]

Countdown to 2016: The Key Issues

American election campaigns are usually always summed up by the famous quote “It’s the economy, stupid” made during Bill Clinton’s successful Presidential Election in 1992, it summed up that the campaign was mainly about the economy, which at the time, was just pulling out of a recession. The 2012 election could be said to be […]

Countdown to 2016: The Republican Issues

Even with many blaming Romney for the mistakes that he made during the 2012 election campaign, including his infamous 47% gaffe, the party as a whole still has a lot to think about if they want to turn it around for 2016. Deeply divided during the nomination campaign, taking a long time to finally settle […]

Countdown to 2016: The Republican Candidates

After the defeat in 2012 the Republican Party was left just a few steps from disarray, with the party divided and left stuck between “traditional” values and adapting to 21st Century America. Romney’s defeat was predicted by many, including Nate Silver of 538, after a long, bitter Republican primary campaign where nobody stood out. To […]