Nudge – not quite the right word

For some, there is something almost friendly sounding about nudge. The idea that we need a little help to make better decisions shouldn’t be a controversial one. But others find the word suspicious, especially when it is suddenly the new favorite of politicians and government officials. Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein the authors of the […]

What is poverty?

In 2011 a miracle happened. Despite the bleakest economic situation in decades, austerity Britain, and falling incomes 300,000 children where lifted out of poverty in the UK. How did this happen? Was this the result of the new charitable revolution the Big Society promised? No, 300,000 children were lifted out of poverty because median incomes […]

A social enterprise – So who’s job is it?

The media is full of problems – housing, welfare, immigration and on each one the debate tends to follow the same pattern “whats the Government doing”, “what aren’t they doing”, “what should they be doing”?  We act at times as thought the state has the power to change every social ill. But there are of […]