Immigration: Free Market Failure?

Immigration is one of the most controversial issues in British politics, consistently ranked as the most important issue after the economy by voters. Politicians compete to sound tough, but there is a really a large degree of consensus since policy is severely constrained by EU membership, guaranteeing the free movement of workers between member states.  […]

The Welfare State: Fact and Fiction

Looking at exceptional cases is clearly a terrible way to make policy. Yet the debate about welfare spending often focuses on the most extreme and unrepresentative examples, with the shameful, divisive exploitation of the Philpot case by the media and Tory politicians just the most recent example. So what is the ‘normal’ case? Where does […]

Mali and the media

Mali is an obscure country which most people in Britain know little about; many students and academics who study African Politics are currently on Wikipedia attempting to contextualise the current conflict. British media reporting of Western intervention, whether from The Sun or The Guardian, has been poor. Rather than outlining the nuances of the conflict, […]

Euroscepticism and the Left

Euroscepticism has a toxic image for many on the Left today, often associated with the right-wing rants of nationalist Tory backbenchers and UKIP. Since many Eurosceptics historically came from left-wingers opposing pro-business Heathites in the Tory party, it is unclear why left-wing Euroscepticism has dramatically declined. As an in-out referendum looks increasingly likely to counter […]

What is Queen’s Consent?

The Queen is far more popular than any politician, perhaps because we have no way of assessing whether she does a good job, or even working out what her job really is. The monarchy goes to astonishing lengths to keep its activities secret and is immune from the increased scrutiny and transparency that other public […]