The craven disloyalty of Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband’s treatment of Emily Thornberry over a simple tweet she published last week has been very revealing. He has been disloyal in the extreme and has caught himself in a confused web of repudiation and justification: the views Ms. Thornberry expressed are not those of the Labour party, we are assured (well, she didn’t […]

When should we invoke the spectre of the Nazis?

The Nazis are the totemic example of fascism and evil. And for this reason they are wheeled-out as an analogy or descriptor in order to condemn regimes or dictators in the strongest possible terms. This was the case with the recent UN report exposing the horrifying extent of human rights abuses perpetrated in North Korea. […]

The Syrian Opposition: Can We Back Them?

Diplomatic talks intended to quell the protracted conflict in Syria are under way in Switzerland, and much has been made of the strength of feeling and intransigence on both sides (the negotiations are founded on the presumption that a power transfer should take place from the Assad regime to one composed of members of the […]

Criminalising “Annoyance”

On Wednesday the 8th of January, the government’s proposed Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill was defeated in the House of Lords by a margin of 128 votes. Such an emphatic rejection should be welcomed. But, of course, the House of Lords is ultimately impotent: its powers only limited and advisory. It is worth examining […]

Freedom of expression and gender segregation in British universities

Advice from Universities UK on the issue of gender segregation in British universities – specifically at Islamic Society events – has been met with protests, claiming that it panders to religious extremists and condones sexism. But while these concerns are forceful and serious, a number of commentators have pointed out that the kinds of meetings […]