Some thoughts on apprenticeships

Every party claims to be the party of apprentices and the party who champions apprenticeships. But we haven’t seen the revolution in apprentices we need. We are in a situation where we look to other countries in awe and look to the past and reminisce. The future has to look brighter than the past. Apprenticeships […]

Consumer Socialism – Use Your Economic Vote

Lets break it down, consumers are people, business and the collective purchasing of the state locally or nationally. Socialism, a word often used as a broad but vague expression of ‘for the masses’, or ‘via the state’ or ‘fairness & redistribution’. Consumer socialism therefore is using the collective voice of consumers. The system needs to be […]

Ed’s Inspirations: An anagram for success?

What drives Ed Miliband Ed has repeated a claim recently that he wants to be a conviction politician, like Thatcher. He has also sought to revive the spirit of the 1945 Attlee government to frame how he sees the challenge of leading the UK in the 21st Century and the changes needed to meet that challenge. And he […]

Government and our services: what can we do?

Here are three ways the government can help make the economy more just and secure for all. This list gives a small overview of ways the government could act and actively promote an economy where people feel more secure, where people would feel valued as a part of the community and a part of the […]

How the centre-left remains relevant in times of austerity

Below are a list of different initiatives the centre-left could look at as a way of helping those at the bottom of the income scale with limited money around. The rather basic and short examples and definitions listed here are a look at some, but by no-means all, ways to be left with ‘no money […]

What does ‘Socialism’ mean to Ed?

There has been many a re-hash of the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in politics with the odd switch over. From Keynes and Hayek to Marx and Durkhiem there have been new ideas around what is Left and Right, a debate still ongoing today. So when Ed Miliband recently vowed to ‘bring Socialism back to Britain’ he […]

The Spirit Of 2015?

Many of you will know that for the Labour Party and for Great Britain, 1945 was a pivotal year in our shared history. The shared spirit and united hope for a better world and better country, ‘a Country fit for Kings’ on the backdrop of the loss and pain of the inter-war years was the first […]