No one cares about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict anymore

This is the main issue. The underlying idea that we will never come to a solution, as realistic as it is, is probably not the best way to look at this crisis that has been debated thousands and hundreds of times. By hiding behind the idea that this is a no-solution problem that we should […]

The rhetoric of Le Pen is the only reason she is collecting votes

A couple weeks ago, Marine Le Pen, the head of the FN (French extreme right party, which gathered 25% of the votes in the European elections) declared that her father, the President of Honour, made a “political mistake”. Indeed, several French celebrities and singers like Yannick Noah ad Patrick Bruel declared that if the FN […]

I am not a Feminist, I am anti-sexist

…Said a friend at a dinner party. And at that split second, I thought « Isn’t that the same thing? ». I also thought « well, duh » because why on earth would a woman be pro-sexist? (If that’s even a thing). Actually, the picture is much grayer than we could think, and it’s not really the same thing. […]