International students are a vital part of a thriving economy

Just like John Cleese’s character, Reg in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, there are some people who may pose the question, what have international students ever done for us? And should we actually care about whether we encourage more international students to study in the UK? Well yes we should, because they are a vital […]

Business overtaking academia on achieving gender equality

Earlier this month a group of MPs took a swipe at UK universities for not doing enough to improve the under-representation of women in senior positions in university science departments. The report from the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee said it was “astonishing” that despite multiple initiatives and programmes designed to improve […]

Stop blaming the USA for the protests in Venezuela

Melissa Ayesterán is a Venezuelan living in the UK. Her article below is a response to an article written by Christopher McMahon on Venezuela earlier this week. What an innocent, uninformed and one-sided article written in complete disregard for the current problems that Venezuelans face every day, which are the cause and constant fuel to […]

Should we lower the voting age to 16?

Next year, 16 and 17 year olds in Scotland will be afforded the right to vote in the Scottish Independence referendum. The reason for this, I would posit, is more on political grounds than principled ones, with Alex Salmond assuming that a majority of young people prefer independence and will vote accordingly. Whether he is […]

The immigration debate is one based on fear

Immigration stories are never far from the news. Over the past few weeks we have had Home Office vans driving round informing illegal immigrants that they should go home or face arrest; we have had the publication of the Home Office’s Immigration Bill which is designed to “reduce the pull factors which encourage people to […]

Probation for sale

The author of this article has worked for the UK Probation Service for 8 years. He wishes to remain anonymous So here we go again… another round of privatisation. This time it’s the National Probation Service. But what does that mean? Who does it affect? And why does it feel like the first principle of […]

Labour Party policy-making in four easy steps

I attended a very interesting fringe event at the Labour party conference the other week hosted by the Institute for Government and think tank Progress. The panel included former Cabinet Minister Tessa Jowell MP and John Cruddas, who is leading Labour’s policy review. They debated how political parties in opposition can ‘make policy stick’ when […]

Does the Conservative Party have a northern problem?

The Conservative Party face a number of problems that they will have to overcome if they are to win in 2015, but perhaps their greatest challenge is how to win over voters in the north of England. It should be said straight away that ‘the north’ is not one homogenous entity devoid of voters sympathetic […]