The Election and Cameron: The paradox of why less was more.

The outcome of all elections including the politically and potentially historically significant General Election 2015, hinge on a multitude of factors. History, the economy, the social make up of a society, personality, and the media are to name but a few. The 2015 General Election was without a doubt a departure from the truisms which […]

Unpaid Internships- an alternative perspective

Internships are typically undertaken by graduates with the intention of gaining experience within a specific business domain. Internships without pay, on more than one occasion, have been said to be akin to slave labour and that businesses offer these internships as a way to increase their workforce without having to increase their costs. Under National […]

‘Fat’ Cats?

In a recent article for the British Medical Journal Aseem Malhotra challenged the mainstream consensus of the causes of heart disease. He presents a thorough and reasoned argument to why the mainstream belief that saturated fat is the main driver behind heart related mortality is not only wrong, but may negatively contribute towards our understanding […]

Nationalisation a dirty word? Are you sure?

In a recent article ‘Nationalisation a dirty word?’  Jamie Kinnear Timson presents, as many before him, the case that the privatisation of our public services and utilities has effectively been a failure. Whilst I will not attempt to refute his arguments for utility services (essentially out of lack of personal knowledge) I take umbrage with […]