A country for the left and of the left

This week one thing has been exposed: the Nationalists are in panic mode. Previously the Yes campaign has attempted to convince the people of Scotland that everything will be the same after independence- we’ll keep the Queen and the pound and we’ll be still be able to watch the X Factor on Saturday nights (although […]

The Daily Fail?

The general consensus is that the Daily Mail was wrong to publish the article claiming that Ralph Miliband hated Britain. Putting aside the merits of the article, the outrage which it has generated has shown the Mail at its brilliant best. No other newspaper in the country could provoke such a response from its opponents. […]

One Year Out

It is exactly one year to go until Scotland votes whether or not to become an independent country. All the opinion polls point to a no vote and yet there’s one man who can’t wipe the smile off of his face. Alex Salmond is a man who has knowingly undersold himself but he’ll need all […]

The rise of the Cybernat

All true politicos are West Wing fanatics. We remember every press briefing CJ ever held, every moment Josh and Donna ever shared and every put down Toby ever delivered. We all have our favourite characters, quotes, plots and episodes but there was one scene which has always stuck in my mind. In season 1 President […]