Hong Kong – A Wonderful City Being Ruined

Remember Hong Kong? It was the last major remaining part of the old British Empire until it was handed back to China in July 1997 – some 17 years ago – following the Sino-British Agreement a few years earlier. Under British control partially for hundreds of years and wholly for 99 years, Hong Kong flourished […]

Britain, China and Li Keqiang

Despite the low prominence given to the Chinese Premier in the British press last week, you may have noticed that he – Li Keqiang – made a three day visit to the UK which secured over £14bn of trade deals and showed that Sino-British relations are back to normal after David Cameron’s controversial meeting with […]

The IOO University Guide 2014-2015

Click here to view the full rankings.   The Institute of Opinion is pleased to launch our second annual university guide, featuring a unique ranking of 122 British universities, based around our perfect methodology which places a great emphasis on student satisfaction and graduate prospects. IOO was founded and is still ran by students from […]

Transport: Finally in the Spotlight?

The NHS, benefits, immigration and education – those are just some of the major policy battlegrounds that our beloved political parties fight tooth and nail about; day and night, year after year. Yet there is one significant area of public policy that is usually overlooked, dismissed as being trivial or sometimes just forgotten about. For […]

Why Eurovision is not political, and why the UK can still win

A total eclipse of Eurovision was not to be for Bonnie Tyler last weekend. Nonetheless, the usual one-day-a-year Eurovision bashers have appeared to spout their nonsense about ‘politics’, ‘block voting’ and ‘those eastern europeans!’ in recent days. Of course, all of that is incorrect; yet again a western/northern country was victorious, with a strong song […]

The IOO University Guide 2013-2014

Click here to view the rankings The Institute of Opinion was created by university students, and the majority of writers who have contributed to the website over the past year are current or former undergraduate university students. Inevitably, a large amount of young people currently thinking of applying to universities this Autumn will no doubt […]

The Great David Cameron Rebranding Exercise

Our dear leader has a remarkably amusing face (as above) – resulting in some terrific photos – although that won’t be enough to win him a General Election, I don’t think. However a drastic campaign is underway at CCHQ to ensure the resurgence of David Cameron and the Conservative party as a whole ahead of […]

A review of the Reshuffle

The deck chairs on the good ship HMS Cabinet have been well and truly reorganised during David Cameron’s first major reshuffle – but so far, it has not hit stormy water. There has been little blood spilt in this modest, cautious reshuffle so far. Most of the big boys have been kept in their jobs, […]

Fruitcakes & closet racists? No, but they are a threat to cameron

I do like a good fruit cake, with its deep richness, dense texture, burst of current-based flavour and that divine, faint whiff of a christmas past, regardless of the time of year. I imagine David Cameron likes a fruit cake, too. It’s not something that I have evidence for, but merely a presumption that one […]