The Ed Milliband guide to being a normal bloke

It’s been a busy week in news with the Ukraine situation, pedophilia scandals and Venezuela burning.  But find some time to spare a thought for poor Ed Milliband, the man who pushed through the “biggest changes to the Labour Party since 1918” in the week that nobody cared. Ed’s reformed the party in a bid […]

The Life Aquatic – What do the floods and an 80s dole queue have in common?

Anyone following the news this week would be forgiven for thinking England is recreating the last days of Atlantis. As Cameron fiddles with his Cobra, Somerset has been drowning under water for six weeks, leaving residents homeless, furious and soggy. Meanwhile EU officials remain “puzzled” as to why the government has failed to apply for […]

Paying peanuts to get Einsteins – the skills shortage myth in the UK

“There’s only three things for sure; taxes, death and trouble” wailed Marvin Gaye on Trouble Man back in 1972.  If he’d survived getting shot by his father twelve years later, he may have thought to add a fourth; inter-generational disappointment.  True, it wouldn’t be snappy and it would be hell to rhyme, but it’s a […]