As Prime Minister does Cameron really have a mandate?

I’ll admit straight off the mark; I’m a bit of a leftie, and a lot of my friends are lefties too. Since the Conservative majority was announced my Facebook news feed has been abuzz with anger. I am no natural ally of David Cameron but from the way anti-Tories have been going on you would […]

Who will you sell your soul to?

In the past week or so the Labour party have made increasingly large amounts of noise about how they will not deal with the SNP in the event of a hung parliament, which all polls suggest there will be. So in 2015 we will likely be seeing a Conservative or Labour led coalition. Deals will […]

Why is no one talking about poverty?

Over the past few weeks the news has been consumed with debates about the root causes of violent and extreme behaviour oversees. Most notably the actions of Mohammed Emwazi (or Jihadi John). CAGE argue that his extremism was accelerated by the interventions and prejudicial actions of the security services. The government argue that he, like […]

Why your MP should only be working for you

It is widely accepted by most members of the general public that MPs are not to be trusted. In a recent Ipsos Mori poll only 8% of recipients thought MPs put the needs of the constituents first. Whether this is true or not; I could not comment, however I believe most people would agree that […]

The Legitimate Face of Institutionalised Sexism

It may seem like the story has drifted into the realm of ‘old news’, but the decision was one that both shocked and appalled me; The Church of England has rejected the ordination of female bishops, if only by a very slim margin. Whilst the vote in favour was the majority it failed to reach […]

A big problem with a “two-child” policy

It will have escaped no one’s notice that the current Conservative government is one that is dedicated to cutting the budget and in particular decreasing the dependence that people have on welfare. The newest suggestion put forward has been a form of ‘two-child policy’. Some clarification is of course needed here because such a title […]

A Very Awkward Partner

It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that Britain is, on the whole, a rather eurosceptic nation, we are the ‘awkward partner’. Our entry into the EC (as it was at the time) and our deepening commitment o the EU through treaties have both been met with scepticism and, in some cases, […]

Double standards and Andrew Mitchell

Anyone who keeps up with the news can’t have failed to notice the unveiling drama that is ‘pleb-gate’. The supposed torrent of abuse that chief whip Andrew Mitchell hurled towards a member of the police has captured the attention of the nation. The focus has been, predominantly, on the alleged use of the word ‘pleb’. […]