Are Sunday trading hours a thing of the past?

Before the Olympics the government announced that it would be temporarily extending restrictions on Sunday opening hours in an effort to cater for a predicted rise in consumerism. Previously larger stores over 280 square metres were only permitted to open for a maximum of 6 hours on a Sunday, however these limitations have been lifted […]

Elitism in the Olympics

With an remarkable haul of gold medals so far, Team GB have made an impressive impact upon the sporting world and have continuously strived to improve their personal records. But such success comes with shortfalls, many have criticised the availability and access of our most prominent sports, and argue that some of these sports are […]

Was it a Romneyshambles?

With the US presidential election only a few months away, Republican candidate Mitt Romney embarked on his first official international tour as a White House contender. There was significant media uproar as his opinion seemed to anger various states in an attempt to demonstrate his ability as a world leader. Has this tour strengthened support […]

Does America need tighter gun control?

Last week Americans were shocked as 24 year old James Holmes entered a busy cinema premiere and preceded to open fire with an automatic rifle killing 12 people and injuring 58. Unfortunately this type of incident isn’t uncommon, and over the past 10 years there have been 23 mass shootings in America with a combined […]