Politics is too often just the ‘flavour of the month’ in Britain

If you believe some message boards and social media groups a revolution started last week. This is a revolution that promises to redistribute wealth and challenge social hierarchies. It promises to oppose injustice and bring politicians to account. To illustrate quite how serious it is, a Facebook group set up in its honour has over […]

Scaremongering serves only to aid The Guardian’s purpose

Criticism of The Guardian’s decision to publish details from Edward Snowden’s leaks about the actions of the NSA monitoring personal communications has come from politicians and the press alike. David Cameron spoke about the affair in Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday saying “I think the plain fact is that what has happened has damaged national […]

Britain’s lazy reaction to state intrusion is the real concern for democracy

The revelations that agents of the state destroyed databases in the basement of a national newspaper and detained a journalist’s partner for hours in an airport without suspicion have caused a stir in the British media. As a result the government has, quite rightly, come under increasing scrutiny and criticism for their actions over recent weeks. […]