Comic Relief: Thatcher’s most surprising legacy?

When Comic Relief was launched by Noel Edmunds on Christmas Day 1985, few could have expected that it would have been so successful. Almost twenty years later, Comic Relief has raised over £600 million for charities that help some of the poorest people in the world. The charity was founded by comedy writer Richard Curtis […]

Ed Miliband: Saviour of the Left

The news last week that credit ratings agency Moody’s would cut Britain’s top rate from AAA to Aa1 is a major blow to the Government. Deficit reduction is the central plank of the Coalition’s economic policy. This is one of a growing number of signs that the policy is not going well. But some will […]

Don’t get too excited about Clinton in 2016

Rarely can an outgoing US Secretary of State have received such a celebrated farewell. Hillary Clinton’s departure from America’s top diplomatic post has been met with a storm of media comment analysing every aspect of her four year tenure. A farewell dinner at the British ambassador’s residence was attended by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague […]

Who cares about Europe?

In the debate about Britain’s role in the European Union, following the Prime Minister’s recent speech, I have been struck by two facts. Firstly, a Populus poll for The Times, found that 35% of Liberal Democrat supporters would vote to leave the EU if there were a referendum. That’s right; one third of the supporters […]