The illogic of arming Syria

Syria. An issue the world doesn’t want to deal with but which does not go away. The UN estimated in February that 70,000 have died from the fighting, with millions more displaced. Yet sadly the likelihood of preventing this from continuing seems bleak. Worse still, the mounting evidence of the use of chemical weaponry by […]

What can the US learn from the Boston Bombings?

It is only a few weeks since Boston was brought to a standstill. First came the explosions, their detonations claiming three lives whilst injuring countless others. Then there was lockdown as police hunted two suspects, one who died while the other was captured and now faces trial, along with potentially three others who have more […]

Rebel with a cause? The divisive politics of Hugo Chavez

Its fair to say that any political leader who calls George Bush a ‘donkey’ and tells Tony Blair to ‘go to hell’ is going to build a reputation for themselves. So it was with the fiery self-proclaimed socialist revolutionary Hugo Chavez, who died last week after 14 years as President of Venezuela. The country is […]

Our Opinion On: Politics in 2013

Big Ben’s bells have chimed which has brought in a New Year, despite the chatter of 2012 doomsday conspirators. And with a New Year, comes an age old tradition – no, not the merry singing of Auld Lang Syne, but predictions and guessing of what lies in store for us all in 2013. But when […]

Israel and Gaza – Isn’t it about time for something different?

Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. Someone should remind Israel and Gaza of that. An uneasy ceasefire has been delicately attained after eight days of intense rocket fire was exchanged between the two, the cause of which depends of whose interpretation of history […]

What could a Romney win mean for US foreign policy?

The race is almost over. Hurricane Sandy brought an abrupt halt to campaigning, but today America will go to the polls and it’s still too close to call. What makes US elections unique is that many people around the world have very strong opinions on them, yet have no say in the process. Such is […]

Can Mexico really defeat the cartels?

For most governments, security focus has changed much in the last 20 years. In the Cold War it was always based on fear of invasion from the US or the Soviet Union depending on your allegiance, but most governments do not fear inter-state war quite so much these days. Instead, threats to the state are […]